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During the Summer of 2018, we will be hosting our Intensive Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Palma de Mallorca

Spanish & english program available

In Imagine we believe in the classic approach to yoga: yoga as a method for self discovery. Yoga is not the goal, it is the tool. The experience you live in your practice and what you learn from it is our main focus. The peace that comes from the practice of yoga is a consequence of a deeper self knowledge and therefore more coherence between your thoughts and actions.
We do not offer answers, as those answers are unique to each one. We offer to improve your questions and surely you will help us improve ours. What sustains you? what detains you? are some of the question we are interested in.

Zunray Yoga Studio, the space to study & practice

Our Intensive Kundalini Yoga Training in Mallorca has the intention that you transform your visit to Mallorca into an unforgettable experience.

Zunray Yoga Studio is where we will do our training, it is located in heart of Palma de Mallorca down town just minutes away form the beautiful Paseo del Borne, the Palma Cathedral, the Santa Caterina Market and the amazing Palma Bay.

Is this training for you?

Our Intensive Kundalini Yoga Training is for those who are looking for a full immersion in the practice and philosophy of yoga. It is an opportunity to bring your yoga experience one notch and arrive to places that in normal conditions is more difficult to achieve.
Kundalini Yoga is an amazing mix of practice, pranayamas, mantras and meditations that will expand your perception of yourself and the world.

21 days to enjoy yoga & Mallorca...

We will begin the day very early and end at 16:30h so you can have time in the afternoon to get to know the culture, rest, relax  and enjoy the island… Check out the daily schedule at the end of this page!


Options for lodging & the Zunray Yoga House

We offer you the option to stay at the Zunray Yoga House in the old center of Palma de Mallorca, at a 2 minute walk from the studio. 6 places available.

The main house, from the first floor up:
First floor: Fully equipped kitchen, living and dining room, room for personal yoga practice
Second floor: 3 double bedrooms with individual beds.
Third floor: Laundry room (washer and dryer) and roof terrace with BBQ.

You may also choose to stay in a different location, according to your needs, checkout the this link for some of options on Airbnb. 
For more economic options we recommend to look for lodging outside Palma, there are many a very beautiful towns.

About Kundalini Yoga & Imagine Academy

At Imagine Academy, we come from the lineage of Yogi Bhajan and offer the Kundalini Yoga teachings with no dogma. We aim to ignite in yourself your inner teacher and the aim to look at your practice and your life in a more conciouss way. We want to inspire you to have the courage and responsability really think for yourself and to connect with your unique needs and feelings, to be able to live according to your unique purpose on this planet, or with what is known as Dharma in the yogic philosophy. 

The techniques of Kundalini have been used over centuries to extract from the inner self of men and women the ability to understand who they are and what are they capable of doing. The uniqueness of the practice is that it addresses the demands of modern society – full of information and stimulus – allowing us to achieve balance between work and home, manage stress effectively, maximize our creative capacity and understand, perhaps a little clearer, exactly where it is we are headed as individuals. The practice of Kundalini Yoga helps purify and improve the workings of the body –its organs and glands– and helps you define priorities through meditation and mindfulness techniques. The Teacher Training provides a physical technology in its maximum expression, which leads to a connection with our deepest inner self.

During the 200h Kundalini Yoga Training in you will learn about:

Yogic Philosophy

We will delve into the philosophy of yoga to understand it in depth and take it into our daily life. What does it reaaly mean to practice yoga and why we practice for.

Analysis and practice of Hatha & Kundalini Yoga Asanas and Kriyas

We will study asanas of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and kriyas (sequences of postures) of Kundalini, its therapeutic power, the way of doing them and adapting them to our bodies and how to teach them.


Find that place where the fullness resides. That place of peace within you. You will study hundreds of meditations and pranayamas offered by Kundalini to access your subconscious.

A training for yourself

First of all this training is for your own growth. Almost all of us began the teacher training just because we wanted to deepen our practice and ourselves. Teaching, if you wish, comes later.


You will study the mantras of the Kundalini Yoga tradition, its meaning, its importance and its use.

A Kundalini Yoga training that deepens into alignment

We will study alignment in our yoga practice to learn to have a good base that allows us to develop our physical and meditative practice in depth.

How to guide a class

You will learn how to guide a Kundalini Yoga class with confidence, having time to do practice teaching and to receive feedback.

Teaching as a way of sharing

Only those who never stop learning can teach.
Teach from the heart, that place of inexhaustible patience and love where we are willing to connect with the other and with that connection transmit something.


All of our Teacher Training Programs are internationally recognized by the European Yoga Alliance.

Attendance at all of the classes during the course, practice, book reports and homework is required to receive the title of Kundalini Yoga Instructor (200h), European Yoga Alliance Certification.

After successfully completing the 200-hour course, you will be eligible to continue in the 300-hour course to receive the 500-hour European Yoga Alliance certification.

The team of teachers…

Imagine Academy’s Teacher Training programs are directed by Hargobind Singh who lived and studied directly with Yogi Bhajan over 34 years. He has been directing Teacher Trainings in Spain, Europe and Latin America for the last 20 years with an open, free and challenging style and has graduated more than 1000 teachers.

The Teacher Training team is completed by experienced teachers with a very diverse background that allows a broad view of yoga and life: Daniela Troconis & Pedro Misle (Venezuela), Judith Ender (Switzerland),  Cynthia Resche (Germany), Ray Swartley (USA) and Anna Pujol  & Joan Sendra (Spain), Carolina Pino, Valeria Castilla and Paula Villar (Argentina) and Mina Petersson (Sweden).

The main teachers that will be joining you on this training are:










Details about the training…

Dates and typical daily schedule:

Dates: From August 6th to 26th 2018
Mondays to Saturdays, Sundays free

Daily schedule*:
06:30 – 08:30 – Morning Sadhana (Physical and meditative practice).
08:30 a 9:30 – Breakfast
9:30  a 11:00 – Class 1
11:00 a 11:30 – Break
11:30 a 13:00 – Physical practice.
13:00 a 14:00 – Break for light luch.
14:00 a 16:00 – Class 3 (Phylosophy and physical practice).

*Daily schedule might change in case the teachers consider it necessary.

A training for:

  • Kundalini Yoga students.
  • Students and teachers of other styles of yoga.
  • Students with no previous yoga experience that want to deepen themselves and in the yoga practice.

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What our students say about us…


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