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Lyrical musings...

Welcome to my blog!

I’m excited! It’s like when you find that something you’ve been looking for and there it is staring you right in the face. A chance to express and organize myself better. Of course, the format has always been there, I just didn’t make it mine until now. I hope what I end up sharing will be relevant but one can never know. So here it is. Let me know what you think. It’s just about LOVE.


Weeks have gone past since the moment I wrote this poem and presented it to our students as we culminated two years of study together. It was a labor of love and I hoped that each word was carefully crafted to tell the story that was inside of me. It is a concept...

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¿Qué le darías?

Comenzó como tantas cosas en la vida, estás caminando y algo te llama la atención y empiezas a pensar en ello. Toma forma. Pero no está completo porque si eres verdaderamente honesto, debes mirar hacia atrás a ti mismo. Aunque probablemente no pueda saberlo, me...

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What would you give?

It started out like so many things in life, you’re walking along and something strikes you and you begin to think about it. It takes form. But it isn’t complete because if you are truly honest you have to look back at yourself. Though I probably cannot know, I wonder...

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Sanando al niño interior

Estoy aquí en este planeta Tierra para ser sanado. Estás aquí para ser sanado. Estamos aquí para sanarnos unos a otros. No puede haber otra realidad verdadera, pero la verdad está muy a menudo nublada por cielos que ocultan la luz. Me pregunto sobre el significado de...

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Healing the inner child

I am here on this planet Earth to be healed. You are here to be healed. We are here to heal each other. There can be no other true reality yet the truth is too often clouded by skies that hide the light. I wonder about the meaning of self-importance; we seem to spend...

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Caminando con Gracia

Hay nuevos arquetipos asociados con los Diez Cuerpos. Carl Jung describió sus arquetipos basándose en la teoría de que representaban el "comportamiento ordenado" sobre una base psíquica o tal vez a nivel del alma. Permanecen latentes en el subconsciente hasta que los...

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Walking with Grace

There are new archetypes associated with the Ten Bodies. Carl Jung described his archetypes based on the theory that they represented “ordered behavior” on a psychic basis or perhaps soul level. They remain latent in the subconscious until real events bring them out...

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Historias del maestro

Bueno, cuando tienes que hacerlo y quieres y el tiempo no significa nada más que un punto de referencia para mantener la puntuación, y lo que es realmente importante es que lo hagas y de alguna manera encuentres lo que estabas buscando. Entonces, todo eso no importa...

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Stories from the teacher

Well, when you have to and want to and time means nothing but a reference point to keep score, and what is really important is that you do it and somehow find what you were looking for. Then, all of it doesn’t matter except that you climbed the mountain inside of you....

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