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Lyrical musings...

Welcome to my blog!

I’m excited! It’s like when you find that something you’ve been looking for and there it is staring you right in the face. A chance to express and organize myself better. Of course, the format has always been there, I just didn’t make it mine until now. I hope what I end up sharing will be relevant but one can never know. So here it is. Let me know what you think. It’s just about LOVE.

What about my eyes?

A short saying, a poem, that someone said perhaps even centuries ago yet it resonates inside of you. If what you read moves you, it is probably because it talks about the human condition; about what you and I too have experienced with the passage of years. We are all...

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Learning to find your way through life. Sometimes the past helps me, other times it seems to stand in the way. How to make sense of what you have learned and followed – often blindly. If what I learned taught me about respect then that is a good thing, yet I still...

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En busca de sueños perdidos

¿Cómo miras al ayer y luego quieres ver el mañana sin sentir algo de remordimiento, cierta sensación de pérdida? No tengo la intención de decirte cómo debes sentirte si miraras de cerca tu propio pasado, eso es demasiado personal. No obstante, medimos la verdad en...

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In search of lost dreams

How do you look at yesterday and then want to see tomorrow without feeling some degree of regret, some sense of loss? I do not intend to tell you how you should feel if you were to look closely at your own past, that is too personal. Nevertheless, we measure truth in...

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Buscando el otro lado

Encontré algo desde hace unos años y en tiempos de deambular por el auto-impuesto desierto de la creatividad o mi necesidad de ser relevante; pensé en enviar esto hacia las ondas de aquí. Puede ser que tenga problemas contigo, ese siempre es el riesgo, pero sé que...

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Reaching for the other side

Found something from a few years back and in times of wandering through the self-imposed desert of creativity or my need to be relevant; I thought I’d send this off to the airwaves. I might get in trouble with you, that’s always the risk, but I know you can accept my...

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Three weeks is a long time without having something to say. I was looking for that something that would ignite the spark in my heart and perhaps say something in return to you. Moments happen, some of them are magical, and most of the time they slip by without us even...

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Theatre of self

Maybe you’ve felt the same way. We profess to believe but living it is a very different story. The world is beset by problems that seem insurmountable: poverty, lack of opportunity for the poor that represents 80% of us, contamination, lack of drinking water and so...

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Tocineta en tu quinoa

It happened a couple of years ago in Bogota. We were having breakfast, probably after Sadhana one Sunday morning during one of my many visits. I don’t know why I did it, I guess it was just one of those crazy absurd moments in life. Paula, my dear student, took it all...

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Workshop with Pedro

Nyon: May 4th / Zürich: May 5th


Hotel Balance, Swiss Alps


July 18th to 21st 2019


Mallorca, Finca Es Cabas                  

May 22nd to 26th 2019


Schloss Glarissegg, Lake Constance

July 11th to 14th 2019