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Lyrical musings...

Welcome to my blog!

I’m excited! It’s like when you find that something you’ve been looking for and there it is staring you right in the face. A chance to express and organize myself better. Of course, the format has always been there, I just didn’t make it mine until now. I hope what I end up sharing will be relevant but one can never know. So here it is. Let me know what you think. It’s just about LOVE.

Metta Bhavana

Cultivating loving kindness I write about morality. About how we all can live if we choose to do so. It is the true meaning of “dharma” or the correct path. I write about what is inside all of us – our heart and what we can share with one another. Three months ago, I...

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En el exilio En el exilio, debemos hacer lo que hizo la diosa Innana, rindiendo capa tras capa de armadura y adorno, hasta que estemos desnudos. Entonces debemos sufrir una muerte simbólica de la vieja vida para renacer con mayor resistencia y una tarea sagrada para...

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In exile In exile, we must do as the goddess Innana did, surrendering layer after layer of armor and adornment, until we are bare. We must then undergo a symbolic death of the old life in order to be reborn with greater resilience and a holy assignment to carry...

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Blowing in the wind (esp.)

Sentado aquí desayunando en el norte de India y de repente escucho la canción de Bob Dylan "Blowin’ in the Wind". Escrito en 1962, fue icónico porque representaba una época juvenil para nuestra generación que miraba los problemas que teníamos ante nosotros como la...

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Blowing in the wind

Sitting here having breakfast in Northern India and suddenly I hear Bob Dylan’s song “Blowin’ in the Wind.” Written in 1962 it was iconic in that it represented a youthful time for our generation looking at the problems before us like equal rights in America and the...

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La Panadería Alemana

Me encanta caminar los 100 metros hasta mi desayuno de la mañana todos los días. Es un camino simple y paso las mismas tiendas preparándose para el día. Nos saludamos el uno al otro. Incluso saludo a las vacas en el camino. Ellos también son parte de mi paisaje ahora....

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The German Bakery

I love walking the 100 meters to my morning breakfast every day. It’s a simple path and I pass the same shops getting ready for the day. We say hi to each other. I even greet the cows on the road. They too are part of my scenery now. It has become a routine for me...

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Mata Ganga

We’re on this train called life and can’t get off or so it seems. Probably, you really don’t want to and I’m sure that is the case. Listen to John Mayer’s song by the same name. Birthdays are hard, they come so fast especially now. You pass them and later say, it’s...

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Mata Ganga (esp.)

Estamos en este tren llamado vida y no podemos bajar o eso parece. Probablemente, realmente no quieras y estoy seguro de que ese es el caso. Escucha la canción de John Mayer con el mismo nombre. Los cumpleaños son difíciles, vienen tan rápido, especialmente ahora. Los...

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