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Lyrical musings...

Welcome to my blog!

I’m excited! It’s like when you find that something you’ve been looking for and there it is staring you right in the face. A chance to express and organize myself better. Of course, the format has always been there, I just didn’t make it mine until now. I hope what I end up sharing will be relevant but one can never know. So here it is. Let me know what you think. It’s just about LOVE.


Puede ser que la conozcas, la heroína de mi historia. Mi mundo es pequeño. He estado luchando con cómo contar esta historia durante quizás una semana porque me parecía importante y lo era para mí, sin embargo, tenía su nombre por todas partes. Entonces, un día te...

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You might know her, the hero of my story. My world is small. I’ve been struggling with how to tell this story for maybe a week now because it seemed important and was to me, yet, it had her name all through it. Then one day it comes to you, you tell the story as if in...

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What was left unsaid

An ongoing work that took some time. To tell the story of fathers and sons but maybe of mothers and daughters too. Yet it could be about any of us who try to understand how we can become one with each other and walk hand in hand. It’s about not letting moments past...

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Como estoy solo en India, no puedo evitar reflexionar sobre el significado de todo. Para aquellos que creo que son sinceros en su búsqueda de comprensión, yo mismo incluido; que se sumergen en las profundidades de intentar ser más de lo que creían posible; encontrarse...

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Since I’m alone in India, I can’t help but reflect about the meaning of it all. For those who I think are sincere in their search for understanding, me included; who plunge into the depths of trying to be more than they thought possible; to find yourself in those...

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Shimla (esp.)

En lo alto de las montañas sobre las llanuras, donde los británicos hicieron su capital veraniega escapando del calor de Delhi: Shimla. Invoca un tiempo de realeza, poder y estructura de clases que se derrumbaría con independencia en 1947. Sin embargo, queda algo de...

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High up in the mountains above the plains, where the British made their summer capital escaping the heat of Delhi – Shimla. It invokes a time of royalty, power and class-structure that was to come crumbling down with independence in 1947. Yet some of the grace of a...

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A mi padre

El tiempo pasa pero la emoción es cruda y presente. Mientras viajo y hablo con los que están frente a mí, especialmente los hombres, hay un mensaje que debe compartirse entre nosotros. Creo que se trata de despertar de nuestro sueño y darnos cuenta de nuestro legado....

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To my father

Time passes but the emotion is raw and present. As I travel and talk to those in front of me, especially the men, there is a message there that needs to be shared between us. I think it is about awakening from our slumber and realizing our legacy. It is about...

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