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I woke up and realized it was the start of a new year. It was early, the year just hours old. I sat where I usually sit at those hours. After so many years of doing it, the shawl that covers my shoulders is so comforting that it elicits almost by itself a sense of tranquility and peace. I decided to close my eyes and my breath came easily; it was full and it gave me what I needed. All of a sudden, I couldn’t help myself and I went quickly for pencil and paper and the words came tumbling out of their resting place. My heart opened wide and my vision was if I could see the whole world, and I was able to wish you well.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing

There is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass

The world is too full to talk about.


I closed my eyes and I sent love to the world.

I closed my eyes and I saw each and every one of you.

I felt my breath and I knew there was something between us

That made our bond even more remarkable.

I listened to my heart beat and knew it would be okay,

And I knew yours would be too.

It was a search for peace that brought us together,

And it’ll be that inner peace that carries us to our tomorrows.

I lifted my eyes upward and my thoughts decided to follow.

I was surprised and in awe – my fears had left me!

I could see light upon the day,

And the winds of peace traveling to where I could not imagine.

I loved the state I was in.


Yet my thoughts wavered and again…

I lost that sense of where I was going.

I had to breathe deeper and wait to return to that place

Where I could see clearly and feel your presence.

My eyes clouded over with the love I was feeling;

It was about how vulnerable we really are;

How susceptible to our weaknesses as humans.

Yet there was incredible longing that walked side-by-side with her.

I felt her innocence for she did not ask to feel this way.

It was just a moment that needed to be filled;

A touch that made my heart want to lie down

In that field of grass.


She asks, “Was it there, did I feel it?”

For she is sensitive and needs to feel that touch.

She says aloud, “I am weakness and I am strength.

I am sensitive to my own longing,

And I shall not let it escape me.

I will fill myself with it and let it overcome my indecision

For I long to feel happiness,

And I long to feel love.”


And you will know that that bed of grass is soft,

And is a comfortable place to rest.

Though there may be times when you lose your way

Wandering from here to there;

But one day you just might stumble upon some place

Where your heart can lie down in peace,

And the world will be too full to talk about.

In that moment, love will come rushing out of you

Like a mountain stream racing on its way down,

To where it was meant to be.

And she will cover your nakedness,

And make you whole again;

For her clothes are the clothes of the spirit,

And the heart longs to wear those garments.

And what you couldn’t talk about before,

Will just be a memory

On this your evolutionary journey.

You will feel her power and her strength,

Since she never left you and is part of you.

She is like that mountain stream

And your love will fly on her breezes.


I opened my eyes and knew that love had returned.

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  1. Lamiaa Mahmoud

    Beautiful hargobind