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Tomorrow’s the day! I thought 64 was big but that was just growing up with the Beatles. 69 is a whole new ballgame. Actually, just laughing with or at myself…but what is true is that more and more, and I guess it has something to do with age, I just want to be like Hafiz. So if you want to come over to where I live, you’re invited! We could get drunk on the words we share, the mutual feelings of love, the arms that envelope us as we let our happiness break free from all those long days of holding it in. And I could even share a bottle of my best wine or you could bring yours. Merry Christmas…a day late, but what is time. Love you!

If your cellar is empty,

This whole Universe

Could drink forever

From mine.


I breathed in and saw sunlight dancing up on the clouds, shades upon shades and definition that was beyond my imagination. I saw the sky for what it was; clear and beyond any description I could fathom, and it held hope there before my eyes. I breathed in deeply to feel that I was not my mind and the thoughts it sometimes feels obsessed to dwell on. I breathed in and found peace there waiting patiently for me. I breathed out and was ready to breath in again.

Maybe you would say, “I don’t know what meditation is or how do I get to that place?” Yet, if you could close your eyes or keep them wide open and just breathe in deeply, you would find meditation was always with you and had never left your side.

Breathe deeply because it is life-giving and soothes the restless mind. It answers questions about why we are here and where we can go. Yes, it is mechanical and most of the time an unconscious act, but just sometimes it can become a conscious divine act. Yoga is about remembering, so someone has to remind you to look and remember. Then you can do it! And if you believe in what you see, you will breathe in deeply from now and until your last breath. Maybe, it’ll be just once in a while but it’ll be enough.

Learning how to breathe deeply gives us a sense of expansion; reaching beyond to touch the farthest reaches of the universe, to know what was unknown and to do what was unthinkable before. All that is will be given to you, if you learn to breathe deeply. It is the science of the soul, which harbors infinity within the confines of the physical body. Otherwise, how would we know that inner peace is possible, that global consciousness can be a reality and not just a dream spoken out of desperation? How would I find love, at times buried so deep underneath layers and layers of misguided assumptions, before I could tell you what I really thought?

We are all travelers on this road called life. Yoga is the technique, the empirical science, to tell you how to live better. Why not? We all want to live more productive and fruitful lives. In the end, it’s about being happy and sharing that happiness. It’s not just for some, it’s for everyone. And it has been proven by so many courageous souls over centuries who wanted to understand the mysteries of living. You might say to yourself, “Why the anger, why the loss of words or the heart that feels heavy?” When yoga comes into your life, you say, “I can go beyond those feelings.” You learn some new things that were foreign to you, no one told you to do it like this – to breathe deeply like the yogis. It’s called inner work but it really isn’t like work, it’s more like play as Hafiz says.

Someone who can kiss God

Come to my house late at night – do not be shy.

Hafiz will be barefoot and dancing.

I will be in such a grand and generous mood!

Come to my door at any hour, even if your eyes are frightened by my light.

My heart and arms are open and need no rest – they will always welcome you.

Come in, my dear, from that harsh world that has rained elements of stone upon your tender face.

Every soul should receive a toast from us for bravery!

Bring all the bottles of wine you own to this divine table – the earth we share.

If your cellar is empty, this whole Universe could drink forever from mine!

Let’s dine tonight with exquisite music.

I might even hire angels to play – just for you.


Hidden beneath your feet is a Luminous Stage where we are meant to rehearse our Eternal Dance!

And what is the price of Divine Instruction?

What could I ask of you?

All I could ever want is that you have the priceless company of Someone who can kiss God, that you have the priceless gift of becoming a servant to the Friend!

Come to my window, dear world – why ever be shy?

Look inside my playful Verse, for Hafiz is barefoot and dancing and in such a Grand and Generous – in such a Fantastic Mood.

If you could see what Hafiz was talking about inside of me, I think you’d be surprised. I might even be too. And what if I saw something different inside of you, a mood or a feeling that was ecstatically bubbling out of you. I’m sure I would love just to be in your presence. There is a world to change and it begins with you and me. Leave behind your worries and leave behind your cares – find love in my arms. They are strong and open just wide enough for you.