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It’s all about being authentic, intentional & resilient!


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What you will receive in our training

Online Curriculum

50% of the curriculum will be online and you’ll have lifetime access to it. A combination of pre-recorded material with live streamed classes.

In-person curriculum

5 in-person meetings, including two 4-day retreats, where you will have the opportunity to experience the energy of group practice as well as deepen the technical aspects of the practice.

Progress monitoring

During the program, we will do different practices to monitor your evolution and offer personal tutoring to support each student and guarantee a personalized learning process.

Our amazing students

Get to know Aashika

As she shares her life’s changing experience with the Teacher Training in Zürich, how she became part of this amazing community and learned to use the tools of yoga to go through the day to day challenges and connect with her inner truth.


Training teachers since 2012

We are a group of inspired Yoga teachers that come from all walks of life: Economists, Musicians, Marketers, Graphic Designers, and Audiovisual Producers. We chose to dedicate our lives to share with others that the key to JOY is to be authentic, have intention, and be resilient!

Imagine Academy is an international Yoga Training School based in Zürich with trainings in Zürich & Geneva (Switzerland), Mallorca & Barcelona (Spain), and soon in Bogotá (Colombia).


— Monika Noël, Switzerland

“”I am very grateful that I had the chance to participate in the Teacher Training with the great teachers of Imagine Academy. My learnings have not only been about kriyas, mantras, breathwork, and meditation, it has been much deeper learning which is possible if you let it happen. Dive in, let it happen and changes will take place much easier. I loved to connect with people and stay in touch even years later, even thousands of kilometers apart. My favorite is the 40-day challenge, I love it!”

— Nessa McLaughlin, Ireland

“I have been lucky enough to study with Imagine Academy for the past 3 years.The experience has enriched me so much I had no idea how strong the impact would be.I was looking for community a place to feel a belonging and this is exactly what this school has given me.The professionalism of the teachers was second to none. They were always there for me and the other students any time we needed anything. They encouraged us with no judgement and only showed love and kindness whenever a challenge arose.Recently the course has went online and I really enjoyed to have the connection with the beautiful teachers in the comfort of my own home. The flexibility of studying at home is amazing and often took the stress out of going to the studio.The training has helped my own personal life immensely I see the stress as manageable now and something that should not be feared.I look forward to spending time with any of the gifted and warm hearted teachers of Imagine academy as they have given me so much over the past years. Lot’s of love and luck always.


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