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Do we really know what true prosperity is? It seems we spend our whole lives looking for it, trying to grab its elusiveness and bring it to us when it usually is close at hand. Isn’t it about realizing who you are and the gifts you already possess? Health, friendship and family are up there in the ranking. Having a heart that is open to loving and willing to look for truth in all things is a blessing and recognized as such by those who feel that intensity. Material prosperity is just that, matter, and can change according to our interpretation of it. In the end, it is a relationship and like all of our relationships requires consistent effort and lots of love. Many are those who say to keep the focus on the internal, what you can do to improve yourself, and the external will take care of itself. I just think there is a world out there waiting for you and wanting to come to you.

If I was to talk about prosperity, what would I say? Is it material wealth or is it a heart that feels openly without encumbrance? It is a heart that doesn’t wait for the shadow to catch up but instead moves forward, the pulse quickening with eyes on the road ahead as Rumi talks about.

It must be about energy and a breath that flows, eyes that see and ears that hear. It is life speaking of its rhythms and a need to listen. There are days like today, of rain and wind, cloudy yet beautiful, that beckon you to listen and hear her silence. There will be other days of sunshine and warmth, so wait for those days, for nothing remains the same. Keep your faith intact and a smile attached to you in knowing as you watch the divine play unfold before your eyes.

My health is my wealth

Thich Nhat Hanh

To become prosperous is the goal, and almost exclusively the goal of just about everyone. I think we all have to understand that we are prosperous right now at this very moment in our lives. If we have health, then we are incredibly fortunate and definitely prosperous. For without health, material wealth means nothing. If we have love, we are again the fortunate ones, for it means that we were able to give love and love came back to us. If you love, you have found the greatest gift that there is and that life has to offer. A space opened up in your heart and light shown through. Light is at the basis of prosperity. Prosperity flows on those beams of light.

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.


Kindness is the human spirit reaching out to the universe because it has felt the universe inside of itself. It is the feeling of oneness and it is empowering. Prosperity is about empowering yourself.

So give rise to your greatness, to the voice of your spirit that reaches out and says who you are. There is the law (natural) of reciprocity, which says that when you give of yourself you open a space in someone else to act in the same way. So, giving becomes receiving at the same time. Love creating love. When you act out of kindness and caring for another person that can only be reciprocated and returned to you. There is no other law, no other outcome.

There is the law of attraction, which is like the law of reciprocity and the law of karma, and says, there is a world waiting to come to you, to become part of you. It is life wanting to give you what you deserve. Ah, but the idea of what I deserve is the key. A self-negating attitude will always attract the same to me, a self-fulfilling attitude opens me up to untold riches in every aspect of my life. The message is keep your mind open to what the universe wants to give to you. Stay focused and keep your spirit high above the clouds. Soon you will see the horizon and the path to take before you.

What is the message? You are not to forget who you are. Forgetting who you are is the reason for you running away from the laws of prosperity. So forget not who you are. Life is a constant exercise in “ebbs and flows,” and again asks us to accept her changing seasons, her natural rhythms.

There are those who prosper even when the forces of life seem contradictory. They have learned the incredible lesson of “continuance,” of remaining the same. They don’t fret and they don’t cry out in anguish, they stay the same and redouble their efforts of working on themselves.

Redoubling your efforts to achieve greater understanding of the natural laws we have been talking about is, at least, in part the science of how to live as a prosperous and graceful individual. It just might be the whole science.

You are a living work in progress, a masterpiece that the likes of Michelangelo or Da Vinci has not yet finished. There are still colors to add, hues to bring out, and the need for greater definition. You must wait until the work is finished to fully appreciate it, so give yourself willingly to the “sitting.” Love the process. Show a different expression, let an inner light come out of you to be captured by the artist. Everything will be seen, everything recorded. This you can be sure of. Breathe deeply for you are not to move.


  1. Belén NION

    Thank you so much Hargobind for your text. So beautiful and very appropriate…
    I am so blessed to have met the incredible team of Imagine Academy 🙂

    • Hargobind Singh

      Belén, thank you so much for the feedback. I’m here finally, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  2. Lamiaa

    “What is the message? You are not to forget who you are” That was the intention I put for myself for this practice. Thank you Hargobind

    • Hargobind Singh

      Thank you Lamiaa for reading me and thinking about the text, the idea of it. You are very dear to me.