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The traveler

by | Sep 17, 2018

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring; will be to arrive where we started; and know the place for the first time.”

T.S. Elliot

Take steps with a lightness in each one as you walk on your path. There should be a bounce and a feeling of renewed energy as each step of yours sends you to your destination. They will show the world who you are, for energy tends to create a greater force. And when you walk, keep your head held up high looking out from a higher vantage point. You will look down now and then at the earth to see where you will next place your feet, but if you only look down, you will forget to look up, and looking up is important.

What you hope for as you step forward, is to regain that sense of joy and the reason for your life. It is about lightness or finding the light within you. The poet said we will return to where we started, yet not all shall be in vain. We will eventually return to where we need to. Once upon a time, you ran everywhere and couldn’t wait to get there. Look at the children and remember, and then decide if you’re now ready to find that extra spring in your step.

As the days go by, I need to remember to breathe deeply, to calm my fears, and to take in more of life. To sit with legs crossed in silence; to recite ancient tonalities; or to breathe with an intensity rarely common: these things are some of what may help you and guide you on your journey. For lightness of step springs from lightness of spirit; so work first on what will lead you to the second.

What I hope to find is a greater sense of honesty. It is being true to feelings; to sensations and to whispers that sometimes tell me something is not right or I am not right, which is really the same thing. It is trying to live in harmony.

There is a world for me to decide upon: how will I live tomorrow? Will I look upon myself with kindness or will there still be threads of discontent? Now that I think about it; it is that kindness towards self we are searching for. If life is a journey, then how can I expect to find the answers to all of my questions today or even tomorrow? That would be unreasonable and maybe not even desirable. Do I really want to know everything right now? I could list probably a hundred things that I would like to know the truth about, but there must be greater treasures out there waiting for me to discover. So let me treat myself with kindness as I learn to wait.

We evolve as time passes and become always something new. If I look closely; how I see a tree or a mountain ridge in the distance changes as my eyes adjust and, like an artist with his canvas before him, see greater detail and a greater sense of proportion. My search must be then about understanding and appreciating the implicit nature of proportion that is found in all things. Isn’t proportion the art of seeing how elements in the physical world fit together? It might even include the things we cannot see but still exude a sense of harmony and togetherness. It is the relationship of the arm to the rest of the body; the hand to the arm. It is how you fit into my life. How I might fit into yours, and definitely how I fit into my own life.

Kindness – we long for it that it should come into our lives and be a part of them. That you and I could share in this divine play – you first or me, it doesn’t really matter. It is about loving one another. I know it is only about me all that I’ve told you, so I will open up and show you my heart and all that is there. It’ll be like coming home and being where I always wanted to be. Come and walk with me.


  1. David

    I’m so excited and so very thankful for this new blog adventure, Dear Hargobind. Always love what you have to say and looking forward to having the chance to explore the world through your eyes.
    Much Love Guruji! ❤

    • Hargobind Singh

      David, thanks so much for being so thoughtful. It means a lot. It feels like home this blog so let’s see where it takes us. Big hug.

  2. Silvia

    Dear Hargobind Ji
    Love your 1st Weekly Monday Blog !
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    Love from Zurich,

  3. Hargobind Singh

    It’s Sunday night and I’m a bit unsure how to publish again by myself. I think I need Daniela. Hope to get it done by tomorrow. Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Montserrat Pérez Pàmies

    Dear Hargobind: I’m very glad for your blog. Readindg it I remember the formation in C/ Sicilia some years ago. And the Music that you loved. Thanks.

    • Hargobind Singh

      Thanks Montsé! It’s been awhile since those days but I look back fondly on them, at least I try to. After all, they were the beginning for me and you formed a part of that same beginning.

  5. Sannyinoks

    Make a more new posts please 🙂