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There are new archetypes associated with the Ten Bodies. Carl Jung described his archetypes based on the theory that they represented “ordered behavior” on a psychic basis or perhaps soul level. They remain latent in the subconscious until real events bring them out in the person. Perhaps, the Ten Sikh Gurus represent the image of these qualities manifesting to their full glory. I have tried to portray a new way of looking at the Gurus and the Bodies they represent. It is just me dreaming and feeling what it would have been like to be with each one of them. After all, the Ten Bodies, like the Chakras, are an added means for me to delve into the mystery of my being: Subconscious and Conscious minds and to find a measure of unity there. All of these qualities are therefore inside of me and realized in the manner that I choose to accept them and act accordingly. I am a work in progress and hope to continue to be.

Guru Nanak     The Initiator

Guru Angad     The Disciple

Guru Amar Das     The Builder

Guru Ram Das     The Poet

Guru Arjan Dev     The Teacher

Guru Hargobind     The Defender

Guru Har Rai     The Saint

Guru Harkrishan     The Healer

Guru Teg Bahadur     The Priest

Guru Gobind Singh     The Brave Warrior


Har Rai and the Seventh Body

I walk slowly, carefully, my senses heightened so that every step is a meditation. I wonder if anything could be better than how I feel now, it’s what I always wanted to feel. I might even pick up my pace and walk faster but to me it is still walking slowly. I’m completely conscious of who I am and where I am, my breath accompanying me. I am where I always wanted to be, in my body, and aware of my surroundings.

When I think of Guru Har Rai this is the image I have of him. He was the grandson of Guru Hargobind who preceded him. It was said of him that he was a sensitive soul as a boy, saddened if part of his clothing brushed up against a flower in the Guru’s garden unnecessarily breaking the stem. When he went crying to his grandfather probably afraid that he would be upset with him, Guru Hargobind looked upon him as only a grandfather can and said, “Grandson, watch where you walk, take care that your steps harm not those living beings around you, all is forgiven.” Remember that Guru Hargobind was a warrior and in constant skirmishes and battles with the Muslim armies during the 17th Century in India. Har Rai when he became Guru also maintained an army though he never had to go to war, but he still kept ready for the times demanded it of him. To be a Guru and even a Guru that had to defend against oppressors didn’t mean that you weren’t conscious or walked without grace.

When you are a Har Rai, you are the light of the Creator. Your name literally means that: Har, Creator, and Rai, light. Rai is not just omniscient light though it is, but rather a sunbeam, a ray of light that penetrates the darkness or the sense of indifference and causes one to notice and lift his or her eyes upward. It is the very nature of the Guru, someone who is able to lift up others by his or her presence.

This subtle body of the number 7 carries so much hope with it; we feel so blessed by life, almost indebted to life for what it gives us. We’ve all heard that the number 7 brings luck, but what if we associated the number with the seventh chakra and were able to feel what is really there: pure harmony and oneness? For in the unity of my soul I feel inseparable from myself and all of life around me. By some miracle I have left behind my discontent at not being where I always hoped to be, always wanted to be. When did I ever want to feel that I was not a part of the total, that you and I were not united in every imaginable way? When was it that I didn’t want my heart to be free, and able to express freely what was inside it? I longed to be one with the rhythms of life I sometimes heard but whose melodies kept escaping me. I wanted to be able to make that same music. Then I heard about the Guru, about light from darkness, and happiness from grief. It was something new to me, a path laid out before me and I wanted to walk on it with all my heart.

They gave the name Shashara to the seventh chakra, it was a lotus that opened its innumerable petals upward towards the heavens. There was no looking back, just upwards toward higher principles and higher thought. Gone were thoughts of me feeling incapable, not useful and unworthy. It wasn’t true, even if someone had said that about me before. I learned that if I listened really hard, I could hear a different me and it was astounding. I learned to love that sound and I learned to love myself. Seven is about loving yourself. And then the world opens its flower to you.

The seventh chakra is connected to the fourth chakra but adds something more – crimson, a color that merges all the blues and the reds. It is other worldly and represents the union of earth with the heaven, with the highest vibration of them all. It is AUM and the union of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It is appreciating the life-force behind everything that we see before us. There is a CREATIVE LIFE-FORCE and it is present, alive, responsible and giving. It can be seen and understanding the Seventh Body or the Seventh Chakra, allows you to see it.

You see LOVE as the underlying force behind all of creation and the reason for your life and the strength behind your yearnings. You see others maybe for the first time. I’ve heard it called compassion but I wondered what it was, it wasn’t part of my education nor part of my vocabulary. Yet now I understood, I could feel your heart and I saw countless lives before me. I was at the birth of your soul and traveled with you through all of your incarnations. I saw you rise and I saw you fall and I was there to help you stand again. When the sky became cloudy or stormy for you, I was there to take your hand. You leaned on me and I leaned on you.

GRACE was this: learning to walk in love, learning to measure each step in a heightened state of awareness. I took in everything that I saw and reveled in its magic and its awe. It was the first time I truly understood what life could be and I wasn’t about to leave it now.

Find that something in you that causes you to squint with your eyes; there is so much energy running through your veins, everything is pulsing incredibly and you have to see it all. When the heart opens wide, it takes in the whole world. We have come onto this earth to understand the true meaning of life. The earth is asking us to listen. Your children and spouse are asking you to see them and listen to them. So many are in need of you listening to them. And in reality, you want to listen too.


  1. Mina

    Thank you Babaji! Your words make my heart dance!
    Big hug and lots of light from Sweden with love!

    • Hargobind Singh

      Soon we’ll see each other! Big hug for you! Thank you.