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It started out like so many things in life, you’re walking along and something strikes you and you begin to think about it. It takes form. But it isn’t complete because if you are truly honest you have to look back at yourself. Though I probably cannot know, I wonder about what you think? It is important to me. Perhaps it helps me to understand something more about life, and just maybe it allows me to see you differently.

What would you give to be free?

Really free!

Would you give me all of your thoughts;

Share with me all your fears?

Would you talk to me in whispers;

And tell me of what was hidden for centuries,

That no one knows and no one wants to know?

I wonder how much you long for that kind of freedom?

Would you take off the veil or the scarf that hides your hair?

Would you be able to lift your eyes to meet mine;

And not feel fear or feel ashamed?

Could you leave behind what they told you;

And what you thought you had to believe?

To see in each one of us the beauty and understand how we feel;

And know that there is nothing that can keep us apart.

I wonder if you want that kind of freedom?


What would you give for love?

True love!

Would you risk being hurt by words that didn’t come;

When dissolving the veil before us wasn’t easy and seemed impossible?

Would you still come back and ask me again, and perhaps take my hand?

So that kindness and tenderness might defeat the harshness of the moment,

And all those unfeeling points of view.

Would you be inclined to let your head bow down low;

And let me know that you don’t really know?

Would you let me do the same?


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing,

There is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

The world is too full to talk about.



What we want from love seems like an impossible dream.

I am like the poet when he talked of love.

I wonder if you want that kind of love?


Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself.

He threshes you to make you naked.

He sifts you to free you from your husks.

He grinds you to whiteness.

And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for

God’s sacred feast.

Khalil Gibran


Can you imagine living your own life?

Not walking behind but taking a hand if you want to,

Or walking alone for I know you can.

How much are you willing to look beyond

And see the world for what it is:

Full of hope, of promise and even true love?

Someone gave you your eyes to look afar;

To see what they said you couldn’t see;

To see life opening its arms to you, beckoning you unto it;

Saying: “Trust me, I will not let you down.”

And then they gave you a heart, to plunge again and again

Into the abyss of love, knowing that it would guide you;

Until you were able to say, “I can only live in love.”

And from deep inside came a thought as if from some unknown plane,

And it said, “This is your life to live.”

Your life!


But is it fair to only talk about you? What about me?

And I wonder about my own veil;

The one I’ve unintentionally put before my eyes;

The one that has kept me from own freedom.

I say I want it yet do so much to sabotage it in my life.

There are times I can’t even look in your eyes;

Or find the door to let my own pain out.

Most of the time I wander around in a self-induced fog;

Not listening to life, not seeing the road before me.

Most of the time I wonder why things don’t come easily;

Why I’m not rich or famous or some other crazy illusion

That seems to find its way into my waking mind?

I try to follow my heart but still you don’t come.

Is it that I don’t know how to call out to you?

My words are my lifeline; don’t you know I’m hanging on?

Waiting for that breeze to carry me to that field;

Where life is too full to talk about;

And the veil before me gently falls away.