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We are an international Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Academy with trainings in Zürich & Geneva (Switzerland), Barcelona & Mallorca (Spain), and Rishikesh (India)




As the path towards freedom


As the path towards giving

Belief in oneself...

As the path towards truth


As the path towards humility


As the path towards union and love

Our Teacher Trainings are designed for those looking for a profession that offers the opportunity to help others and for those who only seek to dwelve deeper into knowing themselves


Hargobind Singh

Is there something better than helping others? Over the last 22 years I have been blessed to work with people sincere in their desire to find something deeper in their lives. The experience has enriched me. 44 years ago I met Yogi Bhajan and 22 years ago he sent me to teach in Moscow. He was an exceptional teacher, and I am thankful that I had that experience to learn from him. Life is to be enjoyed in all of its fullness and requires our openness and commitment to the process. Walk with me and see what we can discover together.

Daniela Troconis

Mother, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer since 2012. Also trained in Vinyasa and Hatha Flow.Certified by Yoga Alliance as E-RYT 200, RYT-500 and YACEP provider. I believe in yoga as an inspirational tool to enable us to go through all of the experiences that we have in life with greater consciousness, allowing us to blossom in our true essence as human beings, into that power that allow us to grow. I became interested in these teachings because I wanted to believe in something, then, I realised I just had to believe in myself, in the power of love. Studying and practicing asanas and pranayamas, is going into the depths of our being, using the body to reach the heart and connecting with yourself to be able to connect with others. My inspiration… my daughter’s eyes, the love of my husband and to be in contact with Mother Nature.

Pedro Misle

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer since 2012. Also trained in Hatha Flow and certified by Yoga Alliance. I believe in practice, in the effort, in the daily quest. Life is found in every moment and it is you who manages to make every moment valuable. I believe in personal freedom and in the ability of each individual to live his life fully. I believe in responsibility, the right and duty to become aware of each of life’s moments for what they can hold for you. For me yoga represents the essence of responsibility, effort, search for oneself and sincerity of action. We all have an infinite amount of beauty inside of us and what we have to work on is the ability to see it by ourselves and therefore in others. I practice every day to believe more in myself and therefore to believe more in you.

Judith Ender

Kundalini Yoga was instant love, when I left the yoga studio after my first lesson I knew I had found something very precious. My intuition was right, over and over again I’m amazed what forces can be set free by the practice of yoga. How complex and holistic this technique is, I can see it and feel it when I practice and teach. When we breathe, stretch, keep up, chant and meditate, we create this magic that bears small and big miracles. Yoga is my mirror and my source, it shows me my strengths and weaknesses and opens my heart to accept me and others as we are. My husband and I have two kids, I teach Kundalini Yoga and manage Gobinde Yoga in Zurich with my partner Sibylle.

Cynthia Reschke

Having practiced different styles of yoga for the past 15 years my first Kundalini yoga class was love at first sight. Something has happened and was the beginning of this exciting journey. It became part of my daily life, wether it’s staying calm when my kids challenge me, standing properly on both feet waiting at the bus stop or focusing better at work, it’s just cultivating an attitude of permanent learning. My life became much more I could ever IMAGINE and I am infinitely grateful of finding this precious space within me. The way my wonderful teachers transmit this philosophy inspires me to retransmit and share this amazing practice and to keep growing from inside out. I was born and raised in Germany, lived in Barcelona for a third of my life and now here in Switzerland for the past 3 years. Together with my husband we are parents of two magnificent sons, our greatest teachers of all.

Paula Villar

Kundalini Yoga came into my life unexpectedly and it has remained to accompany me at every step. In 2009 I did the training with Hargobind and I feel that the door that was opened there was a gift that pushes me to share this that I have learned and that I continue to discover. I am very grateful to the practice, the teachers and all those who come with dedication and confidence to share this experience. I find in this technique a powerful force to clean, release, transform, and I suspect that it is the unfolding of one’s own power what makes us feel all that. I believe that bringing awareness into the body, mind and breath radically transforms our path through this world, shall we walk together?



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