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Among the best Yoga Teacher Training Courses & with 11 years of experience

Kundalini Yoga Training.

Learn a practice to sustain you, a philosophy to guide you, and the courage to do so.

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Best Yoga Teacher Training Courses

+11 years of training teachers free from dogma & with an open style!

We have more than 11 years of experience guiding Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings in Geneva, Zürich, Barcelona, Madrid, and Mallorca, which seek to awaken the inner teacher in our students, and the desire to look at yoga and life in a conscious way.




Unleash your True Self!

Tantric Numerology Master Training

Personalized training · Limited spaces available

Understand your Karma, unleash your inner strength & design a future of meaning!

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Yogic Sleep Course

Treat yourself to deep relaxation!
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Summer Kundalini Yoga Retreat

July 4th to 7th

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Beginning in October in Geneva, Zürich & Lugano

Yogic Numerology Session

Personalized session to gain understanding of your numbers and what they say about your strengths and challenges & receive a Kundalini Yoga practice based on your numerology.


Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

200h in Geneva, Zürich & Lugano

Beginning in October!

Among the best Kundalini Yoga Trainings in Europe & with +10 years of experience

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Get to know Aashika

As she shares her life’s changing experience in the Yoga Teacher Training in Zürich, how she became part of this amazing community and learned to use the tools of yoga to go through the day to day challenges and connect with her inner truth.

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Why is Kundalini Yoga so powerful?

Why is Kundalini Yoga so powerful?

Kundalini Yoga, often referred to as the "Yoga of Awareness," is a spiritual and physical practice that seeks to awaken the latent energy at the base of the spine, known as Kundalini or Kundalini energy. Based on ancient disciplines, it blends various yogic techniques...

I came to fear the full moon

I came to fear the full moon

I remember a few years ago when I began to feel that my body was changing. My energy was low, challenges felt to be coming from everywhere (or “growth opportunities” as Pedro and I like to call them 😉 ), my digestion was uneasy, my sleep was generally not very good, PLUS, whenever there was a full moon I got to be almost certain that I was not going to sleep well.

The full moon generally leads to introspection, so I began to use my nights of no sleep to look inside more deeply, to become aware that my inner environment was changing, and awareness was the beginning of change. What we can see, we can transform, and that was the beginning of taking action towards a new version of myself.


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