Daniela here.
Today is a full moon in Scorpio, I’m a double Scorpio so feeling intensity is one of my treats 😉

I remember a few years ago when I began to feel that my body was changing. My energy was low, challenges felt to be coming from everywhere (or “growth opportunities” as Pedro and I like to call them 😉 ), my digestion was uneasy, my sleep was generally not very good, PLUS, whenever there was a full moon I got to be almost certain that I was not going to sleep well.

The full moon generally leads to introspection, so I began to use my nights of no sleep to look inside more deeply, to become aware that my inner environment was changing, and awareness was the beginning of change. What we can see, we can transform, and that was the beginning of taking action towards a new version of myself.

This full moon in Scorpio is a call for authenticity, to be authentically ourselves. To accept our intensity, our emotions, to once and for all hold the space for ourselves. It’s more acceptance, instead of more control. It’s more allowing instead of more rejecting. It’s being able to embrace ourselves fully. Because being ourselves and accepting ourselves makes us free.

So today I invite you to use the intensity of the moon to fully see yourself, accept yourself, and love yourself for who you are. Understanding that is only through that lens that we can shine. Make yourself free from the past using authenticity as your superpower.

On May 6th we begin the Woman’s Back to Balance Program to reclaim our Harmony! This is a journey of authenticity, of accepting ourselves as changing beings, with cycles and intensity. We will use the wisdom of Kundalini Yoga, breath, movement, and self-massage to leave behind hormonal imbalance, stress, and digestive issues, and return our minds, body, and belly to a more balanced state.

As I have shared before, I designed this program for myself, it has been a healing journey, and it has helped me in many ways! I feel calmer, digestion is easy, I have more resilience to manage stress, and feel in harmony!

​Click here to learn more and enroll in the Back to Balance Program beginning on May 6th. 2024​
⭐️ With this program, you will:

  • Say goodbye to Belly Bloat & avoid Cortisol Build-up!
  • Increase your resilience to stress & Balance your Nervous System!
  • Boost your happy hormones & energy levels!


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