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Weekly yoga classes

Online and in-person in Zürich & Geneva

Online Kundalini Flow Yoga Classes

Weekly Kundalini Yoga classes with Daniela Troconis:


Online in streaming & on-demand:

  • Mondays  & Wednesdays from 18 to 19:15h CET
    Attend live or practice at the schedule that best suits you!

Kundalini Yoga Classes in Zürich

Weekly Kundalini Yoga classes at Gobinde Yoga with Judith Ender:

  • Mondays from from 18 to 19:30h and from 20 to 21:30h
  • Wednesdays from 18 to 19:30h and from 20 to 21:30h
  • Sadhana:
    Free group practice on Mondays from 6:00 to 8:00h, confirm participation for each Monday at +41 078 810 27 09

    Kundalini Yoga Classes in Geneva

    Weekly Kundalini Yoga classes with Cynthia Reschke:


    Studio Soham:

    • Tuesday 19:30 – 21h
    • Thursday 19:30 – 21h

    O2 Yoga:

    • Tuesday 9:15 – 10:30 




    Winter Kundalini Yoga Retreat at the Swiss Alps

    December 9th to 12th

    Tantric Numerology Session

    Personalized session to gain understanding of your numbers and what they say about your strengths and challenges & receive a Kundalini Yoga practice based on your numerology.

    Happy Chemicals Workshop

    Yogic tools to hack your brain & conquer your thoughts!


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