The diaphragm is the main muscle associated with respiratory movement, and its ease and relaxation allow us to sustain a complete breathing pattern, which oxygenates us, provides energy, and provides balance to our nervous system. When the diaphragm becomes tense or blocked, generally due to stress or strong emotions, breathing shortens, we move into a clavicular pattern that leads us to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, generating alertness and stress. The body and mind weaken, the immune system falters and emotions increasingly take the helm, so that a wheel is generated that leads us to stay in this state. On the other hand, being tense, the diaphragm compresses the esophagus and/or the vagus nerve, leading to digestive imbalances (heaviness, constipation, abdominal bloating, reflux, etc.)

This series is basically an unblocking of the diaphragm and, on an energetic level, of the solar plexus. We are going to move the energy of this center and stimulate it, generate a deep state of relaxation and release unprocessed experiences or emotions that have been lodged in this space of the body. It is often said: the issues are in the tissues, which means that the things that we are experiencing (traumas, fears, anger, etc …) and we do not process at the moment, accumulate in the different tissues of the body, and, let’s say, the diaphragm is very prone to this build-up. For me, this kriya is like pressing the reset button, in the middle of our busy lives, to lose extra weight, recharge our energy and continue the journey lighter;)

Let’s practice! On our Youtube Channel you have a video with the guided practice. If you want to practice on your own, find the instructions below. Enjoy! 


    In this serie we use the mantra “HAR”, which represents the creative force within you. When we chant it, we do it projecting the voice, in a powerful and accentuated way, putting the navel in and up with each “HAR”. Also, when pronouncing the “R”, make sure the tip of the tongue touches the roof of the mouth. Here we go!
  • Charan Kamal Mudra (Left): Lie flat on your back and raise your left leg up to ninety degrees. Reach up and grab the toes of your left foot with both hands. Keep both legs straight. Do not bend your knees. Chant 
  • “HAR”

  •  rhythmically, continuously and powerfully from your diaphragm. Continue 3-6 minutes.
  • Charan Kamal Mudra (Right):  Still lying on your back, raise your right leg to ninety degrees and continue to chant as in exercise one. Pump your diaphragm strongly as you create the sound “HAR”. Continue 2.5-6 minutes.
  • Dynamic Paschimottanasana (Life Nerve Stretch)– Kamal Prakash Mudra:  Sit up and stretch your legs out straight in front of you. Grab your toes while keeping your spine straight. Move your torso down and up, bending from the hips, not from the neck or spine. Start out moving five to ten centimeters and slowly and gradually bend forward more and more. Chant “HAR”
  •  rhythmically and continuously from your diaphragm. Continue 1-2.5 minutes.
  • Relaxation. Lie on your back and relax for 5 minutes.
  • When you come out of relaxation, begin to stretch and move your whole body as you feel.


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