It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver – Mahatma Gandhi

One of the great teachings of this Era is that our health is our wealth. We are all invited to take good care of ourselves and do everything in our power to stay healthy. We have all witnessed that without good health, not only our own individual life crumbles, but even globally our entire system can be jeopardized.

So if health is our capital and the fundamental pillar for everything else in life, we could definitely dedicate some time to our well-being. This situation has not only obliged us to look into our lifestyle but has inspired many of us to undertake some changes and incorporate healthy routines. And to me, this is, without doubt, the best investment in our future.

Another reminder that came along with this pandemic is that our breath is such a precious gift. It is something miraculous that occurs at every instant, without us even noticing it. During the past months, I often stopped during the day and just took two or three conscious breaths. Inhale and mentally repeat to me “I breathe in”, exhale “I breathe out”. And be very grateful for that. Every inhale is an inspiration. Why not take a moment and become aware of this precious gift and learn to use it wisely to enhance our general well-being. Why not carve out a couple of minutes each day and explore the joy of breathing and at the same time harness physical and emotional health? Maybe start with 3 minutes, it’s the little steps that count, remember?

So today I would like to share with you a great breathing meditation to awaken and activate the immune system, to stay healthy, and increase vitality. I find it nicely energizing and centering and encourage you to try it out every morning or whenever you feel you get a little tired or out of balance, it is very refreshing and helps to clear the mind and stay focussed. Enjoy and let me know how it worked for you!

How to Practice the MEDITATION FOR HEALTH AND VITAL ENERGY – Also known in Kundalini Yoga as the Breath of Ten to create a Disease Free Body:

• Begin sitting down in any comfortable seated position where you can elongate the spine. Use blocks, cushions, or blankets if you need to sit down comfortably. You may also sit in a chair.
• Be sure to keep your spine elongated, your chest open and your shoulders relaxed.
• Close your eyes and focus on the tip of the nose.
• Rotate your shoulders back, bend your elbows and extend your forearms to the front, parallel to the floor, with the palms facing each other.
• Move your hands toward one another as if you were clapping, but without touching the hands. Continually move your hands in and out in this manner.
• The timing of your breath coincides with your movements. Breathe in through the nose for the first five strokes and coordinate a clapping motion with each stroke.
• Continue and exhale through the mouth for five strokes with each clapping motion.
• Continue to stay with this rhythm synchronizing the movement and the breath.
• Ensure that you are focusing on the energy that you have between your two palms.
• Continue for 11 minutes. (If this feels too long, begin with 3 minutes and work your way up to 11minutes with practice).
• To finish, inhale deeply, hold your breath in for a few seconds and press your hands gently onto the face, exhale and relax.
• Then inhale deeply, hold your breath in for a few seconds and press your hands gently onto the heart center, exhale and relax.
• And one last time, inhale deeply, hold the breath in for a few seconds and press your hands gently onto the belly, exhale and relax.
• Go back to regular breathing through your nose and give yourself a moment with your eyes closed to observe your inner state and if you feel any difference.


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