A few months ago I began to notice how the way many of us live adulthood leads to a boring experience. So many objectives, endless things to do, organize, cook, clean, wash and fold lead us to always be goal-oriented and to miss something essential to enjoying life and that kids always have in mind: having fun!

As a little girl and until my late teens I spend countless hours by the Caribbean sea, full of sand and seawater, either making sandcastles or burying myself in the sand to then run into the sea to swim and have fun. I feel at home at the sea, and being in the water is my best definition of REALLY HAVING FUN!

So almost a year ago I decided to try something new and started doing SUP (Stand Up Paddle). It was love at first sight! The beautiful colors, the marine life, and the sounds made me reconnect with a part of me that I was missing. The connection to the sea made me remember how important it is to have fun and connect with joy! To laugh, be playful and just enjoy life more!

Connecting with this feeling through my SUP adventures has been crucial to remember that joy is something we nurture, something we can and we should incorporate more and more in our daily activities. Just to go through our days with more ease, prioritizing joy in our daily activities and also opening ourselves to new adventures, “doing more of what you love” as you can read everywhere by now, and nurture even more that sensation of joy.

So I got hooked by joy and adventure and I took it one step further, and then another! My joy was contagious, so I invited a friend, and I was so lucky that she loved it too! And then the other step further came, we began to look at Mallorca from a whole new perspective, and we were so happy that we decided to create Serena Blau, a platform to share our love for the sea and embark us into an adventure to paddle all the way around Mallorca! #SupMallorca550

Last week was our first route, we did 13km of our 550km journey with a not so calmed sea. It was challenging and wow I am so happy! We began to push our limits a little bit, got rid of any limitations that led us to think that it was not possible, began to know ourselves better, and more than anything have fun and connect with joy!

In yoga we have the concept of Santosha, or contentment. It is a state of mind, it is the choice to be content with things just as they are. Joy is born from contentment, it is an attitude towards life, we have to choose it, and use what we have in our hands to nurture it! Research shows how it improves our memory, our concentration, and our ability to be creative and get things done. When we have fun we tend to be a lot less stressed, so having more fun actually makes us healthier and stronger.

So let’s reclaim joy in our daily life! Let’s look at our everyday situations and set that intention of prioritizing joy, smiling more, going through life with more ease and less seriousness, making that inner shift in our attitude and enjoy the little things. Because life is going to happen, with its ups and its downs, and we have to decide what we want to make out of it each and every day, it’s in our hands, so let’s allow ourselves to choose joy!

This week in our live sessions in YOGA BREAK Private Facebook Group we will be sharing thoughts and practices related to this topic. If you are not a member yet, click here to join for free and enjoy!


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