“Admiral Hyman Rickover, the father of the nuclear Navy in the United States and an unsung hero in the history of the world, was once asked by a Congressman if he was prepared for the upcoming hearing in which Hyman needed to speak about a number of complex, important issues. “Yes,” Rickover replied, “I shaved and put on a clean shirt.”” from Daily Stoic Newsletter.

Do you know why he was able to answer “I shaved and put on a clean shirt” because that is all he needed to do, he did not need to prepare because he was prepared.

We do not know when opportunities will arise. We have a dream life, a dream work, a dream partner, we must be prepared for it before it is even on the radar! That is the message, that is the attitude! If we wait for the opportunity to manifest and then we begin to prepare for it, you know what? You will miss it! Because we must be ready when the opportunity comes, not all the way around.

Let us put an example. You crave a loving partner. Someone that makes your heart beat faster. True love with all it comes. But, as it has taken time, much longer than you expected you began to let go of hope, you abandoned yourself, you are physically out of shape, emotionally unbalanced, and suddenly, with no previous notice, love knocks on the door. Wouldn’t you prefer to have been prepared? I would.

And of course, what came first the egg or the chicken? You are prepared for when the opportunity arises or the opportunity arises because you were prepared? I must say my vote goes to the second.

So, my dear yogi, are you prepared? If that big opportunity, that longed for breakthrough shows its face today, would you be able to take it? If not, what are you waiting to begin preparing! Our next Kundalini Yoga Trainings begin in October and that’s exactly what we do in our trainings, prepare ourselves for life, get to know us better and nurture our true self! Join us now! it’s going to be an amazing experience! Click for more info and registrations. 

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments, which steps are you taking daily to prepare yourself?

With love and respect.




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