We are living in confusing times; forget the reasons, forget who’s fault it is, they are confusing regardless, so let us work on that. In confusing times which would be the most needed tool? Yes, you guessed it, CLARITY. Clarity is defined as “clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding”. I like this definition because it uses the word perception. This word is crucial as life is what we perceive it is. We as human beings are gigantic antennas gathering info all the time from every source possible: the temperature of the room, the sounds around us, vibes in places and people, what we read, what we listen to, what we recall, and the list continues. We perceive life from many, almost an infinite amount of places which makes it barely impossible to control the sources that influence us. Nevertheless, the antennas we use to perceive are few, in fact very few, and it is precisely there, where we can create a tremendous impact on our perception, taking care of the antennas. 

FIRST is our physical body. In times like these is crucial that we pay attention to our physical body. We must understand that the better care we take of it, the clearer the perception we will receive from it. Think of it as a tool, you like to cut your tomatoes with a sharp knife, right? Well, the same happens with our bodies. I am going to offer you two key elements that will improve your perception of the world through healthy habits with your physical body. 11 MINUTE EXERCISE, yes, just that. 11 minutes is enough to cause an impact and it is way better than nothing. Stop aiming for your fantasy 2 hours and a half of aerobics followed by weight lifting and then a yoga session, do that on top of the daily 11 minutes, but stick to the daily short practice strongly. Anyone has 11 minutes for exercise and you know it. It is enough to cause an impact and short enough to avoid excuses. What to do? Sun Salutations, as many as you can squeeze in 11 minutes, or any physical practice that you like. Next, sleep, yep, sleep. When we do not sleep so many things remain unfinished. We do ourselves no favor when we extend our working day until late at night. Or when we go over and over our problems in the search for a solution to our problems. If you are tired, everything seems worse than what it really is. Is a scientific fact. How to sleep more? Begin with creating regular sleeping patterns, go to bed no matter what at the same time, and wake up no matter what at the same time. Between both, there must be at least 6 hours. Add to this no screen time at least one hour before going to bed and before that take a shower, not a quick rushing shower but a shower that allows you to release. Stay steady with this and you will feel the difference. 

SECOND, your mind. If we leave our mind unchecked it will take us anywhere, and by anywhere it will be most likely a horror movie of the near future more than a walk in the park with our dog. This said, for every two hours of work, rest your mind for 7 minutes. Instead of having that extra coffee or scrolling on Instagram feed. Sit back, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Use a timer if you wish and just focus on your breath. And then go back to work. 

And last, your SOUL. Daily expose yourself to beauty. Whatever your concept of beauty is: sunrise, sunset, a puppy, your children, your loved one, a poem, a painting, a song. It is a reminder that not everything is complicated, that not everything is meant to be solved, that there are simple and beautiful things all around us, that we just have to take the moment to see. Be grateful for the beauty present in your life. 

That is it, my friend. Do this for a week, be serious about it, we need CLARITY and clarity will not come as a gift of God. We must work for it and as you just read is not even that hard. So let us go for it!!!

Pedro Misle.


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