I know, it is from “The Edge of Tomorrow,” a great movie by the way. 


We live knowing we will die. What is the meaning behind this fact of life? what is mother nature (or you put the name) trying to tell us with this? If you ask me, it is undoubtedly a message of letting go or detachment, or in Yogic terminology, Vairagya. It’s an essential part of our learning in this plane of existence.  


If the above premise is right, then what follows is the question, letting go of what? Of course, my yogic friends would answer in a split of second: expectations, EGO!, mundane goals, fear, mistrust, and so on. They would be right, yet, as Yoga is about self-knowledge, and self-knowledge is a personal path, I choose to believe that the quintessence of letting go in this life is regarding our WORLD VIEW. 


Let me be more specific. It is not our World View per se that we must disengage from, it is our certainty of this world view we must let go. Our world view offers us comfort, offers us the security that the world operates in a certain way which allows us to foresee and plan how we will act in such a world. Anything that challenges this certainty will be considered an attack on our security. Our main weakness is precisely this: the need for security. 

So many have kneeled to their Guru that gave them a clear World View, and years after investigations reveal that the Guru was a sexual pervert, then what? Socialism, Capitalism, Communism, has led us to kill each other, and then, all were proven to be, at best, a great theory very difficult to fulfill in real life. Governments tell us to do this and that, and then, so and so President was a corrupt working for a pharmaceutical company or for a War Lord. 


What to do then? Let us begin working on our need for security. Gurus, Economic and Political models, Presidents, charismatic leaders, get the best of us because we need this security. If we recognize that “it sounds good but”; if we, instead of blindly following, cherish our beliefs yet keep them accountable, then we would be able to be more open. If we recognize our World View is only a half-truth due to our raising, sex, religion, race, social status, personal history, and so on, we would then be walking the path of a better world. 


The present times are challenging us in many ways. I love my daughter with all my heart and I am facing the challenge of sending her to school with extreme health measures that could prevent Covid, but that doesn’t attend her health as a whole, there is fear all around her, paranoia all around her. And I turn around and only see acceptance. I am not saying it is wrong, I am not saying Covid-19 does not exist, what I am saying is that perhaps we are being blinded by our need for security, what if this time, as so many times before, our leaders are wrong, the system is offering the wrong answer.  


The only certain thing is that nothing is certain, which means everything is questionable, that brings us to the conclusion that the only answer is to always question our own world view and the world view we are being offered. 


I would love to know what you think. 

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With all my respect, 


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